Welcome to my studio and art table! I know it may look messy to some but there's a method to my madness. Each item on the board is an illustration of something I possess in my studio. They all represent a part of the types of art I enjoy doing. I know, my art is eclectic, but that just shows I'm not afraid to experiment. The left side of the cutting mat is some fun stuff I do. The right side is my professional and educational endevors. Click on an item to reveal the description of the type of art and it should take you to a portfolio or new page. Have fun navigating!


*Fun Fact: All of these items are from a picture I took in my studio and are actual things I own. I changed the design of a few things like the pen and pencil's pattern, but I actually do own a tiny canvas and eisel, and those pencils with erasers were won at a baby shower, oh, and yes, that is a lipstick pen/glitter globe I have owned since college.